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Take Your First Step Towards Financial Freedom

What does financial freedom mean for me and my family?

I don’t want us to owe anyone money. There’s no escaping bills you pay based on usage such as utilities, gas, and food but I'm done making payments on past purchases that have long ago lost their sparkle or stopped adding value to my life.

I want us to be free from worry about money-related issues.

I want us to be able to make big life decisions based on factors other than the financial implications.

Mainly, I think, I want us to be able to spend our money on what really matters most to us, instead of just keeping our ship afloat.

Is this possible? Can people really live like this? Absolutely!

But it doesn’t happen by improving your credit score, or scouring the internet for the best credit card, or flipping houses, or the next stock market boom, or debt consolidation. It happens by faithfulness over time to some very basic principles.

In fact there is one decision you can make right now that I’m convinced will get you started in the right direction. Ready? Here it is:

“I will spend less than I make every month for the rest of my life.”

This is a commitment both to contentment and to carefully watching where your money goes. It will go a long way towards staving off debt collectors and foreclosure. It will go a long way towards keeping the lights on and the fridge stocked. As you go there will be other things you’ll need to learn. There will be other, more technical decisions you’ll need to make. But if you’re looking at bank statements or your stack of bills and wondering where to start to get to a better place, this is it.

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